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stock colors

The bags we keep in stock are made with Cordura fabric in five colors.

Quality Materials

The old computer adage, garbage in, garbage out always applies. No matter how masterfully you construct something, if your materials are inferior, your final product will be too.

At Inertia we only choose the best materials available. Many of our competition use materials that “look” good new, but six months down the road they become part of the garbage out in the garbage can. The best materials do cost more but in the long run your bag will hold up for many years.

Our materials include:

Aluminum - Only 6061-T6 Aluminum and 302 Stainless Steel hooks and fasteners for durability.

Hook & Loop - Marine grade hook and loop, YKK power hook and Bak@Bak products with molded hook that won't snag clothing fabrics.

Cordura Nylon - Nothing lasts longer or holds up better.

Buckles - 6/6 Nylon and Delrin National Molding buckles won't fail under extreme use.

Thread - 69 bonded Military Spec won't wear out or break.

Webbing - Only Nylon webbing is used for its long life and solid attachment in buckles.

Foam - Cross Linked Polyurethane foam won't degrade even in extreme usage.

Zipper - YKK zippers with nickel plated silent sliders on all bags, for long life and zero failures.

Reflective - 3M™ 6063 reflective material, triple the candle power of imitations. Be seen and stay alive.

Sealed Seams - Sealed seams on all water-tight bags. It's applied at 400 C° to stay on and stay dry.