"Blown Up"

This one was so good I thought I should share it. Here is an email we received from a customer:

SUBJECT: Blown up!
I have ( had ) one of your wedge paks and yesterday I learned that I
should not leave a CO2 cartridge in my hot car. I think it was a pro2.
Anyway, would you like to see the bag? Am I way off base asking for a
replacement? I have to say if not for your bag I am sure there would
have been much more damage to my car and bike, but it seems that you
can add balistic absorbtion to you list of features.

Wow! Did you see how the cartridge blew up? It may have been defective since it seems to have found a weak spot in its side where one would think it would not blow out. And, our bag did exactly what it was supposed to do. The weak spots in a sewn bag or garment should always be the seams; you don't want the fabric ripping. (Imagine blowing out the seat of your pants - you can always fix them if it's the seam rather than the fabric that has torn.)

We just happy that the bag took the brunt of it. Imagine the damage it could have done otherwise. And, in case you were wondering, we gave the customer a new bag!

Chantal Murphy
2017 Spring Special and a Dealers Only Page

We've got two announcements:

  1. The 2017 Spring Special is open for current and new dealers through the end of March. For details, give us a call!
  2. We've completed a page for Dealers Only. Here, you'll find downloadable pdfs with information on programs and pricing. This is a password protected page so contact us or your rep for the password. You can access this page through the navigation on the upper right hand of the site.
Chantal Murphy
A Great Looking Embroidery

At interbike 2016, we brought along a single head embroidery machine to show off a little of what we can do. One of the embroideries we chose to run was an enormous, 86,000 stitch Beer City logo that we put on a work shirt. Using multiple texture effects, we're quite proud of the outcome and thought we'd share it. Now, this logo is not for the faint of heart. It takes about 2.5 hours to complete and that is reflected in the cost of embroidery. But the outcome is nothing short of spectacular. We think you'll agree.

Chantal Murphy

We're finally finishing our site. It's been a long time coming. Too long in fact. But I won't bore you with the details or excuses. We're still making tweaks and testing but thought that it should go up anyhow. We're proud of our bags and would like to show that off.

What will we have to say? In our blog, we'll show off our newest creations and show some of the latest store logos we've been working with that we think are exceptional designs. And maybe we'll let you know when we've having a particularly good or bad day. Maybe we can show off some of our bags (and their owners) that have been through extraordinary experiences. Who knows - we've never blogged before so it's all new to us.

But whatever we do, we'll try to keep it relevant and entertaining. We're probably just like you; we're bored easily and don't like to have our time wasted.

Chantal Murphy