About Us

Inertia Designs is the premier United States manufacturer of quality cycling packs. Inertia was started in 1998 to fill the needs of serious cyclists who demand the most from themselves and their equipment; whether it be racing, training, touring or commuting.

Inertia Designs has also developed bags and products for many of the leading companies in the cycling industry. Years of experience has taught us how to develop products quickly, efficiently, and to the highest standards of quality.

Every Inertia product is made with the same care we would use if we were making the bag for our own daily use. All products have a lifetime warranty, but we make our products so well you will probably never need to use it!

Our Mission

In this post Great Recession Era many manufacturers are bringing production back to the USA, and we applaud that. The common reasons are more control over production (and less bootlegging or just plain messed up products), the cost of shipping products across entire oceans keeps getting higher, raising labor costs in developing countries (which is only natural as they want their piece of the pie). Funny thing is Inertia Designs never left.

Add in the environmental plus that Inertia Designs bags are an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. All our bags make it easier for people to carry cargo and reduce the need to use a car to get things from A to B. That is step one. Step two is our bomb proof designs; our stuff will last for years, you’ll probably end up giving it to a friend so you can get a new one before you wear one of our bags out. This reduces more trash in the landfill. On top of that, all of our stiffeners are High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and most hardware is aluminum both of which are 100% recyclable.

MISSION: At Inertia Designs we have a two main goals: 1) To make the best quality, most durable and innovative bags possible. 2) Offer extremely high quality embroidery to put the logos of bike stores, teams, and charity/event rides on those bags to help better brand their organizations by offering competitive pricing and easy minimums.

Goal 1: QUALITY To make the best bags you need three ingredients: innovative design, superior materials, and a skilled production staff. 

DESIGN: At Inertia Designs, we strive to innovate, not just duplicate. All of our products are thoroughly thought out for the real world. From the simple addition of 14 oz truck tarp to all our wedges which provides flexible rigidity, to the heat-sealed bag-in-a-bag water-tight Monsoon Panniers. We also think about the fundamentals and protect all seams with nylon binding tape and bar tacks or box tacks at all stress points for durability.

MATERIALS: The best design made out of inferior materials equals a sum total of junk. The main fabric used on all Inertia Designs bags is Cordura® Nylon. Cordura® may not be as sexy as some fabrics (at least brand new in the store) but it wears like iron and stays looking good for years (look at the best luggage and mountaineering packs; they are made with Cordura® Nylon). Other components include YKK™ zippers with silent nickel plated sliders, 100% recyclable HDPE plastic stiffeners, 3M™ Reflective Material, durable cross-linked foams, stainless steel and aircraft aluminum pannier hardware, and well engineered buckles and closures.

CRAFTSMANSHIP/QUALITY CONTROL: The final, most important step in any bag is the people who put them to together. We employ only the most experienced operators and best machinery possible, ensuring that every Inertia Designs bag is of the highest quality. Automated machinery is used when possible to increase production quality and efficiency. Every Inertia Designs bag is inspected at every stage of production, again assuring quality, inside and out.

Goal 2: BRANDING All Inertia Designs bags can be custom embroidered with logos at very economical quantities. There are some serious logistics involved in getting from a graphic design to a high quality embroidery on your bags, but that is what we do. All you need to do is provide us with a logo, what bags you want and we do the rest. 

At Inertia we worry about these things all the time, because it is not just a bag, it is your bag.